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Tiffany Song, a certified dog trainer, works with dogs and their parents to create a strong canine-human bond. Previously, Tiffany was a zookeeper at Brevard Zoo where she worked with incredible African animals such as rhinos, cheetahs, giraffes, lemurs, etc.  Training these majestic animals opened up her eyes to the wonders of positive reinforcement training. This science-based approach not only creates a strong bond between humans and animals but also achieves amazing results.


Tiffany regularly helps new puppy owners raise confident, well-adjusted dogs with excellent social skills in addition to helping reactive & fearful dogs. Tiffany is always busy furthering her knowledge & expertise in dog training by attending seminars, workshops, and conferences – as a true professional, Tiffany knows learning never stops! She is committed to providing her pet owners with the skills they need to live harmoniously.  She is a member of several dog professional organizations that represent what she believes in and also works with a few local animal rescues. She was featured on WCNC Charlotte when she helped AnimalCity train their foster pup. 

Charlotte Park
Charlotte Park
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