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Dog Training Services

For dogs 6 months and over. Dog training in your home, online, or we do the dog training for you. 

We customize a personal training program for each dog and handler that fits their individual needs. Our goal is to ensure that our clients and their owners move forward together equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful at their desired goals. 

Dog Training Programs

Dog training programs are designed for dog over 6 months of age.


Bronze Dog Program

3 In-Home sessions


This program is ideal for the clients that want to work on a few skills or needs a refresher from training previously.


Must schedule initial consultation first.

Investment: $359


Silver Dog Program

6 In-Home Sessions

This program will help you get on the right track with all the puppy manners. From sit, come, stay, drop it, leash walking to puppy biting and house manners. We will build a solid foundation for you and your pup.

Must schedule initial consultation first.

Investment: $649


Gold Dog Program

3 Month Program

12- In-Home Sessions. This program teaches all the manners and more. We have the opportunity to take the skills out on the town. This program walks you through puppyhood to the adolescence age. This program has a day training option as well.

Must schedule initial consultation first.

Investment: $1199

In-Home Dog Training in Charlotte, NC
“Tiffany is amazing!!! Patient and very professional! She worked well with my fur baby and her training skills are amazing!."

Meriam S.

Can't find what you are looking for?

If you are looking for help with a behavior not described above, please reach out to see if we can help.

If we are not the best fit for you and your dog, we will happily refer you to another certified, force-free trainer.

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